Our WithCommunity Webzine comes with many features, including:


We make it easy for others to join your webzine:

  • Keep your webzine closed only for you and your colleagues.

  • Choose by-invitation registration so only you and your colleagues can join.

  • Or, make the site open to registration, wherein you review and approve each application.

  • A dashboard for you to review/approve any writer applications.


Only content you approve gets published. Your webzine includes:

  • A moderation queue for you or your staff to easily review posts and edit/approve, or to send a note with suggestions for improvement;

  • Ability to delete any posts.


Webzine Main Page

Your webzine comes with a main page where several of your writers’ latest posts will appear. As the curator, you can also feature posts to pin special posts to a prominent region of the page.





Topic Pages

Your webzine dynamically creates a Topic page each time a new Topic is added and approved by you.

  • There’s a page for each topic: (e.g. yourwebsite.com/webzine_topic/depression/)

  • Each Topic page pulls in all the posts matching that topic.

  • Unlimited topic pages can be created.

  • Add custom text to the top of each topic page to serve as an introduction.

  • Feature special posts on the top of the page to reward writers who’ve written worthwhile content.

  • Spam protection ensures writers cannot tag their post to more than three Topic pages.


Writer’s Page

Our standard page shows you at the top as the curator, then lists the profile of those writers who have completed their profile.

Post Links

Not everyone has the time to post blogs, so we built the ability to post a link with some accompanying commentary:

  • Works similar to Facebook in that it pulls in an associated image, the headline, etc.

  • Increases likelihood your writers will post content.

  • Easier to post a link than a blog.

Your Data

Your data is yours.  Leave at anytime and export all your blogs into a common format.


To help you hit the ground running, the webzine comes:

  • A welcome page for the public explaining what this is

  • A benefits page explaining to potential writers why they’d want to join

  • An orientation page explaining how to post content

  • Rules and policies for writers

Three Technology Choices for the Installation

You have three choices for how we install your website.  Don’t worry; we’ll help you select the right option.

  1. If you have a WordPress site already:
    We will add the webzine functionality to your existing website. Our plugin is built in WordPress, so the integration is seamless. This process takes us two days of programming and is generally delivered in under a week.

  2. If you have a non-WordPress site, like SquareSpace:
    We will create a webzine within your domain name, which will function like this demo site: demo-webzine.openhill.com.

  3. If you don’t have a website:
    You can still have a standalone webzine. We just need to come up with a name for your webzine.