A no-cost way for every behavioral health therapist to get comparative website data

Openhill created the Website Data Club as a free service for the mental health community so each therapist can see how their website performs relative to their peers. Do you know how the utility company sends you reports showing your energy usage vs. your neighbors? We’re doing that for your website, with specific insights you can put to use. And, it takes just a few minutes to sign up.

Comparative Data and Useful Reports

When the website traffic data from hundreds and thousands of therapist websites from across the country are fed into a secure database, you’ll see some unprecedented patterns and be able to draw useful insights.

For example, would you like to know if it’s just you who is getting fewer website inquiries in a particular week, or if other therapists are experiencing a dip, too? Or, how about if you could see what the top 10% of therapist websites in your speciality are doing differently than you?

Here are the types of questions we hope the Website Data Club will let you answer at a glance:

  • How often should you be blogging? (I’d like you to know how many blogs postings the most popular therapist websites have in their website?)

  • What do the bottom 10% of therapist website have in common?

  • Is there a better day than another to advertise on Google Ads?

  • Is it worth having a book-now button on my website?

  • Do sites with videos on the home page do better than those without a video?

  • Do sites on WordPress perform better than those built on SquareSpace?

How It Works

After you join, we’ll send you an online form to fill out about your practice to help us segment your data. This way, you get reports customized to you, your practice size, and your specialty. Then, we’ll send you instructions for how to easily connect your Google Analytics to our secure database.


All your data is kept private. Each therapist only sees their own data vs. the aggregate.

No Cost

This is a free service for any psychotherapist or psychotherapy clinic which has a website and Google Analytics.

If your website doesn’t have Google Analytics, just let us know and we can help you set that up and install it into your website for $25.

While our company does offer website development, SEO, and marketing services to therapists, there’s no obligation to become one of our clients when you join the Website Data Club. This is a service we offer to any practicing therapist, whether they are our client or not.

Why We We Are Doing This

Almost all of our clients are therapists. For our part, the more we keep our finger on the pulse of website data and trends, the better we can advise our therapist clients. Next, we love this service because it is a true win/win. You get great data and so does everyone else. Finally, it’s a crisp example of the value-based marketing we espouse; because the Website Data Club provides real value, a steady stream of therapists contact us every week. If this is the kind of strategic thinking that appeals to you, hire us as your marketer so we can help you grow your business, too.

The More the Merrier

Help spread the word. The more therapists who sign up, the better the data for everyone is. Copy this link and share to your social media:  https://www.openhill.com/website-data-club-psychotherapists