Application to Join the Mental Health Business Development Group
– A Private Facebook and LinkedIn Group organized by Openhill

Psychotherapists deserve a place just for them where they can conveniently talk with their peers about the business of psychotherapy. We convene both a Facebook and a LinkedIn Mental Health Business Development Group exclusively for psychotherapists in private practice to discuss your business and marketing issues in a safe place (i.e. just therapists, no clients).  We facilitate the discussions and chime in with our own thoughts from time to time.

There's no cost to join.  Invitations will be sent to those who complete this form.  Please note this site is for licensed psychotherapists or students in accredited programs who we can verify by the answers you supply in this form. Our staff will review your application and then invite you via Facebook and/or LinkedIn, whichever you choose. Look for the invitation online and then click to accept.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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Note that we we review the application of those who fill out the this form, so apply here first.