We develop a sound project plan with milestones and check-in points that keep you in control.
Simply buy blocks of hours and approve all work before it begins.

No Markups or Commissions

If we recommend any products to you (e.g. software, hosting, advertising, printing, other consultants) we don't mark them up.  We don't accept commissions or kickbacks and always charge you our out-of-pocket expenses.  We are objective and on your side.

Approvals Keep You in Control

We only charge by the hour for our time.  If we tell you something takes an hour and it takes 20 minutes, we'll bill you for 20 minutes.  If you schedule a 60-minute call and we finish in 15-minutes, you'll be billed for 15-minutes.

Transparent Rates

We charge an hourly rate based on who is doing the work.

Managing Director: $150 per hour

Graphic Designers: $100 to $150 depending on which designer is on the project

Software/Web Programmers: $100 per hour

Project Managers: $75 per hour

Marketing Coordinators: $35 per hour