Get More Referrals Sources and Dramatically Increase your SEO


Psychologists and psychotherapists know the most qualified referrals come from physicians and other health professionals. Our WithCommunity module increases the quantity and quality of those connections.  It increases your social capital.

Curate your Own Webzine

Here’s our premise: meaningful relationships are a byproduct of working together with a shared purpose. Therapists who want to grow a vibrant network of referral sources can join forces with like-minded professionals from a cross section of disciplines to work on a project that matters. And, we’ve got just the project for you. It’s a mix between public health and community outreach, and the action happens right in your own website.

Our WithCommunity webzine technology turns your website’s blog into an online magazine. Convene your colleagues to blog and post content on a variety of topics relevant to your community. Who better than a psychotherapist to convene such a group?

The Details:

Turn-Key Marketing System

We’ll show you how to:

  • Form new connections with health professionals

  • Dramatically increase your SEO

  • Move your newfound connections into productive referral relationships

We provide you:

  • A systematic, yet flexible strategy to market

  • The webzine technology which we install right into your website

  • Ongoing support (as needed)

Market with integrity befitting your role as a mental health professional.