Market with integrity befitting your role as a mental health professional.

Build your network

By curating your own webzine, you have a constructive reason to contact any VIP you'd like.  Turn cold calls into warm calls. And then foster those contacts into relationships by working with a shared purpose.

SEO machine

Good SEO is a function of fresh content and credible sites linking to you. You can invite an almost limitless number of writers to join you. Each writer is adding real content, which is what's needed for good SEO. And, each writer will naturally feel proud of their post in your webzine, making it likely they will link back to your site. Backlinks are very important for good SEO.

Smart collaborations

You can pick Topics that appeal to strategic partners. For example, you might team up with a local school and run a series in your Webzine about team anxiety.

Systematize your marketing

Consider your Webzine a marketing system you can smartly work at your own pace. Like with exercise, you'll get something back for each bit of effort you put into it. Each writer you add or blog entry posted builds the value of your property. Your Webzine will pay marketing dividends if you want to keep it small by gathering several of your professional contacts. Or, you may choose several expand to numerous Topics with dozens or even hundreds of writers.

Implicit endorsement

When local community leaders and health professional add their picture and bio to your Writers page, that is an implicit endorsement of you and your clinic.

Save money

If you ask a web developer to build you similar features as our webzine to your website, it would take them 50 hours of development (40 hours x $100/hr). Our solution is one fourth the cost.